In [98]:
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import scanpy as sc
In [99]:
sc.settings.verbosity = 3             # verbosity: errors (0), warnings (1), info (2), hints (3)
scanpy==1.4.4.post1 anndata==0.6.22.post1 umap==0.3.10 numpy==1.18.1 scipy==1.4.1 pandas==1.0.1 scikit-learn==0.22.2.post1 statsmodels==0.11.1 python-igraph==0.8.0 louvain==0.6.1
In [100]:
adata = sc.read_10x_mtx(
    './filtered_gene_bc_matrices/hg19/',  # the directory with the `.mtx` file
    var_names='gene_symbols',                  # use gene symbols for the variable names (variables-axis index)
    cache=True)                                # write a cache file for faster subsequent reading
... reading from cache file cache/filtered_gene_bc_matrices-hg19-matrix.h5ad
In [101]:
In [102]:
sc.pp.filter_cells(adata, min_genes=200)
sc.pp.filter_genes(adata, min_cells=3)
filtered out 19024 genes that are detectedin less than 3 cells
In [103]:
mito_genes = adata.var_names.str.startswith('MT-')
# for each cell compute fraction of counts in mito genes vs. all genes
# the `.A1` is only necessary as X is sparse (to transform to a dense array after summing)
adata.obs['percent_mito'] = np.sum(
    adata[:, mito_genes].X, axis=1).A1 / np.sum(adata.X, axis=1).A1
adata.obs['n_counts'] = adata.X.sum(axis=1).A1
In [104]:, ['n_genes', 'n_counts'], jitter=0.4, multi_panel=True)
In [105]:, x='n_genes', y='n_counts')
In [106]:
adata = adata[adata.obs.n_genes < 2500, :]
adata = adata[adata.obs.n_genes > 200, :]
In [107]:
sc.pp.normalize_total(adata, target_sum=1e4)
Normalizing counts per cell.
    finished (0:00:00):normalized adata.X
/home/mingbo/anaconda3/envs/rs3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/scanpy/preprocessing/ UserWarning: Revieved a view of an AnnData. Making a copy.
In [108]:
sc.pp.highly_variable_genes(adata, min_mean=0.0125, max_mean=3, min_disp=0.5)
extracting highly variable genes
    finished (0:00:00)
--> added
    'highly_variable', boolean vector (adata.var)
    'means', float vector (adata.var)
    'dispersions', float vector (adata.var)
    'dispersions_norm', float vector (adata.var)
In [109]: